Dumb in This World


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Coming to tape March 2012 via Funn (funntapes.tumblr.com)


released February 21, 2012

All songs by Doug Poole except Atlantis by Donovan.



all rights reserved


DUMMER New York, New York

The Evil Dogchild

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Track Name: Mooner
Dad is a couch
The bad he told me big drag
Face wetting to some Nilsson
Eat 'butrin till I'm easy
The low road for me.

Hang is my job
I do a little piano
I draw some little circles
I saw sopranos ten time
A coma to me.

Baths make me so
Much mooner than i care to
Still wasting space on tookay
Still thinking bout the King days
First time I met Craig.
Track Name: Neti/Contact
Do the best that you can
You'll make it up the stairs tomorrow.

Yar still my man
Even if you can't come play bee ball.


Contact Bill Stone.
Could it be me?
Track Name: Sable
Sable anyway for me
Breakfast, lunch, or three.

Unlock your underjaw
eat what meat cannot.

Still me or stay with me
At least I'm not around.

But I'm about as bad as Pol
You best to put me down.
Track Name: O Hatch Me a Hole in the Sun
O Hatch me a hole in the sun,
O Hatch me a hole in the sun.

The barbs and berries.
The barbs and berry-ooo.
The barbs and berries.
The barbs and berry-ooo.

Away, away, I won't come back.
Cause I'm dead and gone
so up in the sun.
Track Name: Band With Leb
Not too late in the world fr'us
to start a band
We'd be cooler
than sleep and the dan combined,
hot as highschool.

We don't talk that much anymore
'Bout days of king
& beast of burden
I'll try not to moon all the time.
hot as highschool.
Track Name: Harp for Broder
O fennario, my home
like only my bro knows
buddies never been born.

Cold, the winters with no clothes
(I might have made up those)
I don't know anymore.

No, my love cannot see me.
We used to stand easy,
But now there's no floors.

Lord, can't bend for the hard parts.
Give elbow to my heart,
Give elbow to yours.
Track Name: Loam in this World
I've got a handful of things that we dipped in loam
We're just about done in this world

What think the good that we thought was predictable?
So close to bein' dumb in this world...

I've been sitting so long that my legs are gone
Got nowhere to walk anyhow.

We're part to the stand overlooked by the jumbotron
Might as well wave anyhow.
Track Name: Bus Guy
Know you that I
Am just a bus guy?
These words i tell you are true.
But love I'll abide
And subway I'll ride
Across the east river to you.